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Teens dating responsiblity

It frustrates me that he is enabling them to rely on him when they can already support themselves. Reply Thankfully my parents are financially sound and I positive they would never feel entitled to my money.When I was in college and high school my father used to say, “I don’t expect anything from you …..She finds it hard to imagine parents taking money from adult kids, much less expecting to receive it. They don’t appear wealthy, but they don’t appear to truly be struggling either. Her viewpoint is that income that a couple earns is for them to support themselves and their own children.

Reply Emily – I totally agree that such things should be discussed before marriage.He in turn told his father who then took a huge dislike to me. I would 100% be in favor of supporting his parents completly if they needed the money.But it boggled my mind for them to take it when they do not.They are doing well, though my father-in-law probably still holds a grudge against me.Reply did you discuss this with your husband before you got married or was it discussed after the marriage? My future husband gives financial support to his parents every month, the same amount that your husband did.

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I think the only viable solution is to have MUCH more open communication about what standards of living are necessary for each family and create a clear agreement as to how much support the son can reasonably provide going forward.