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To impart on your journey towards sympathetic companionship, we are offering you an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Chat Room, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder forums, and an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder social network.Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD and attention deficit disorder, or ADD, affect millions of children and adults worldwide.The reality is that I did a lot more at church and community functions than I ever did at school.My goal was to be a teacher someday and I especially wanted to teach in my old school district so it really wouldn't have been to my advantage to have anyone on the staff associating me with something controversial when I was a student.Actually, it was just the front of the classroom where the door was that was filled and the last row of stools was empty.I found myself seated at one of the lab tables in the rear of the classroom next to Robin.Each one had a top made of some dark black impenetrable material with a sink in the middle and connections for gas for the burners.A number of drawers with locks were built in for us to store our materials in.

To me there is a big difference between being a slut and a whore.

At last this population knows that there is a genuine medical reason for a great deal of the difficulties they have always faced each day.

If you have either struggled with ADHD or ADD as a child and are now an adult, have recently been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, are raising a child with the disorder, or just love someone with ADHD or ADD, this page on is the right place for you.

There are many treatments for the symptoms of ADHD and ADD, such as medications like Ritalin, however, these treatments do not support the parent caring for the child with this type of disorder, or even the spouse who is supporting their loved one with one of these disorders.

is here to offer parents, and those either living with ADHD or ADD, or those who love someone who has it, the support you deserve.

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Despite the sensationalism in the media, the vast majority of teachers do NOT have sex with their students and doing so is NOT considered a career enhancing move.