Signs man dating more than one woman

Posted by / 13-Oct-2017 03:20

I do think you shouldn't juggle more than two.But there is an obvious double-standard here and double-standards are bull - I make my own rules. Men don't tell all of their business so why should we?My grandfather used to always tell me that a lady cannot do what a man does and still be called a lady.

Women seem to acknowledge and understand the rules that men play by, but men don’t seem to want to acknowledge that women are allowed to play by these same rules.

However, just because we know who we want doesn’t mean we are going to get who we want.

Guys will chase us, waste our time, and then we are left trying to figure out where we made the mistake.

Most of the time they end up doing that to someone who really wants to be with them. I told Anique that I will consider dating two guys.

But the way my attention span is set up I don't think I can commit to it for very long.

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Tasha: In my experience, if a man knows you are dating him and others, he will make you a priority in order to win you over.