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Elder oaks dating

In addition, Benjamin Franklin introduced an early form of electroshock therapy.

Many domestic disputes do not involve violence; this guide discusses those that do, as well as the measures that can be used to reduce them. In contrast, advances in general medical knowledge caused other scientists to believe in and search for organic (physical) causes of depression.Towards the beginning of the 19th century, new therapies for depression included water immersion (keeping people under water for as long as possible without drowning them) and a special spinning stool to induce dizziness (to rearrange the contents of the brain into the correct positions).A variety of complex explanations for depression came into being during the latter part of the Age of Enlightenment.Some doctors and authors suggested that aggression was the real root of depression.

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Lobotomies were often unsuccessful, causing personality changes, inability to make decisions, and poor judgment; or worse, coma and sometimes death.

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