Dating a remington 1100 shotgun

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Dating a remington 1100 shotgun

We feel that this configuration (with the barrel in compression) is not as conducive to accuracy, although it may ease manufacture of the suppressor.However, to our great surprise, we have seen suppressed .308 systems (with compressed barrels) that appeared to be fairly accurate.Often, the suppressor/barrel interface is conceived as an afterthought.The muzzles of most military barrels are fitted with small, steel flash hiders, weighing but 57 to 85 g or 2 to 3 ounces.It should he stated at the outset that the phrase high-powered will cover those fairly efficient, non-magnum cartridges bracketed between the .223 and the .308 - the workhorses of the law-enforcement and military community.

A suppressor that is held at the rear by a single collet, or by a single section of threads, is said to be held by a single-point mount.

One can screw a barrel lightly into an action by hand.

After several shots are fired the barrel will have driven itself tightly into its action, and it will take quite a bit of force to remove that barrel with a wrench. Our testing has indicated that a rifle with a suppressor held in place with a properly executed, two-point, conical, tensioned barrel mount will remain in zero.

Many of us have seen movies in which a fitted case full of components (stock, action, barrel, forearm, scope, mount and silencer) was assembled in the field, and then used to complete an important assassination. No enforcement officer in his right mind would ever assemble a rifle on the spot on a callout at a crime scene and expect the weapon to hold its zero.

It might, but such an occurrence would be an abnormality.

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Since most calibers accelerate their bullets to between 7 m/s or 2,500 and 3,400 fps, and since most of this acceleration takes place within the first few inches, there is a sudden and violent twisting of the barrel in an opposite (left-hand) direction.

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