Dayton ohio online sex hook up

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Dayton ohio online sex hook up

We hear a knock we all pause I think to myself Wow somebody's here to save me Python answers my door an yells out to Venom aye it's my Nigga Phat Daddy My body shakes it's over I say Goodbye to my Azz Python & Phat Daddy Enter the room Phat Daddy says to Dammmmmnnnn while him An Python watch Venom Beating my Azz up like it owe him money Phat Daddy pulls out his Big Azz Dick an forces it down my throat I gag I then feel my Azz stretching wide I try to look back but Phat Daddy has full control of my head an is forcing me to take every inch of him I see Venom come stand next to him I already know now It's Pyhton Monster Dick Azz stretching my Tight Azz I just moan An Take every inch this time Python Is trying to Murder my Azz I hear Phat Daddy say Aye my Nigga Let Yo Boi Get a In That I take a couple of hard deep thrust from Python An he pulls that monster out I'm relieved only for a Minute I feel Phat Daddy Phat Dick Azz Push inside me I gasp Ooooowwww Phat Daddy Phat Daddy begins to beat that Azz up he makes me arch my back I'm once again forced to just take Pipe 10 mins into Phat Daddy Beating my Azz up I begin to feel him hitting a spot deep inside me I begin to throw that Azz back Phat Daddy says to Venom & Python Aye I think this Nigga is starting to like it Venom Replies Oh Yeah Phat Daddy replies Yep Venom says let me Get in that feel Venom penetrate me once again I clench my teeth Together He pounds me harder an deeper before I throw that Azz back I can't help but to yell out Venom!!!!!You so Deep Python Bites his lip I already know what's Comin I feel my Azz stretching again but this time much to there surprise I tell Python Get Up In Those Guts Nigga Python Beats my Azz up but is surprised to see me throwing that Azz back he pounds me harder I throw it back harder I hear Python say Oh Shit Venom an Phat Daddy Reply What Python Says I Nutted All In This Nigga They Both Reply Dammmnnnn Python pulls out I'm now ready I feel Phat Daddy Inside Me I throw that Azz back Phat Daddy says to Me Naw Nigga you Ain't Gonna Have me He flips me on my Back puts my legs over his shoulders an pushes Deeeeep Inside me I Cry Out Phat Daddy Fuck!!!!!!ONCE EMPTY I GATHER MY BAG AN PROCEEDED TOWARDS THE DOOR, I TURNED OFF THE LIGHT AND FELT A HAND AGAINST MY CHEST PUSHING ME BACK INTO THE DARK ROOM.

I just love everything about this man he's strong and I know he handle every inch of my body .......

he wet his finger and proceeded to finger fuck me saying this shit it tight, i yelled its been a while.

he wrapped it up and and entered me slowly , it took everything not to scream, you could hear him ripping ass with each thrust i could barely breath with each stroke.

So venom keep looking sexy daddy and one day I'm going to get me some of that dick .... I just wanna ride that big yellow dick all nite long and then let you spray that nut all over ,y yells body .......

Sincerely SPENCER i just moved in this new apt my friends didnt show up to help so these two guys walked up ask can they help i said sure cant pay you they said we think of something after we get everything in then i notice who my helpers are Venom and Jovonnie get 3 glasses wine VENOM pull on some weeds and other things lol my phone rings go and answer it comes back both are naked tell me to undress get busy afterwards they tell me WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!

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Classic good looks and a perfect smile are just the start with Venom.