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In February of 2015, BBC America aired episodes 4, 3, and 9 of the "J" series', then it disappeared from the schedule as quickly as it appeared. Series I, J & K are currently available to stream on Hulu, in the half-hour format only. Sean Lock: I don't know about you, but I'm just going to do it on the first question, then none of us can lose out. As with all good Panel Shows the points are almost entirely irrelevant and merely provide the Framing Device for the comedy. One of the interesting things is how much comedians turn out to know about obscure subjects — for instance, Rory Mc Grath spouting the Latin names of birds, or Vic Reeves turning out to be an expert on pirates.The researchers ("QI Elves") nonetheless check that everything is as correct as it can be, often sending messages to the host about things they've discovered while the programme is recording (especially if the guests have sent things onto a very distant tangent to what the question was actually about, which happens quite often). Also, this is a post-Watershed show, and things have a tendency to get very "naughty" very quickly. According to , the pornography trade magazine, 71 percent of X-rated media is viewed by men alone, 19 percent by heterosexual couples, 7 percent by gay male couples, and 2 percent by women (by themselves or lesbian couples). Why expend the energy when porn provides all the fantasies you could ever want?They felt traumatized and confused, and couldn't understand why their lovers would spend time this way.

Each episode features four panelists, one of whom is always Alan Davies.

Conversely, an answer that is both incorrect and uninteresting (i.e., if it's the answer anybody would have given) will cause a klaxon to sound and the contestant will 10 points, with a few exceptions (for example, Fry stated that claiming carbon dioxide makes up most of the air we breathe would have cost 3000 points).

There are, consequently, two major types of question in : obscure questions that give the contestants an opportunity to make interesting guesses before the host reveals the real answer, and questions whose answers seem obvious but are not, such as "How many moons does the Earth have? As panelists have been getting wise to the latter type of question, there has arisen a third type of question: the "double bluff", where the seemingly-obvious answer actually the correct one, though not always for the reasons one would expect.

While the panel is mainly composed of comedians, famous names in other fields have turned up, such as Sir Terry Wogan, John Hodgman, BRIAN BLESSED, Greg Proops, David Tennant, Daniel Radcliffe, Dr. The host asks questions on the topic of the week — the first few series had no specific theme per week, and their episode titles have been applied retroactively; it was not until Series D that the "topic of the week" really came to the fore.

The guiding principle, as indicated by the show's name, is that knowledge should be interesting, and a sufficiently interesting answer will be awarded points even if it's completely wrong.

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Davies is the butt of a lot of the jokes on the show (last on the introductions and getting a funny comment, last on the buzzer sounds and getting a corny buzzer sound, being more likely than the others to get the klaxon and usually coming last, although he has the record for most show wins), and acts as a sort of foil for the concept by getting the more obvious answers (i.e.

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