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A parkway at Low Moor came second, bringing an estimated annual benefit of £44m, and a parkway at Brighouse came third, bringing a £33m benefit.

This looked into how building a second high-speed station in the Leeds City Region, as well as the one planned in Leeds, would deliver economic benefits to the region.

It really is so important for Bradford and indeed for the wider city region as well.” Mr Garthwaite said it was hugely important that everyone kept lobbying Transport for the North and the Government, saying the “pressure needs to be kept on” for Bradford to be included on the Northern Powerhouse Rail line.

He said: “People look at the report prepared by Arup and ignore it at their peril.

“The advantages are clear and for me, when I read it, I think actually they have done an incredibly good job on the creation of the report and make a very strong case for the city.” Mr Garthwaite said Bradford had a young population and that “we must have that connectivity for our young people”.

He said: “Everything we read just points to the fact that this has got to happen - no ifs, buts or maybes.

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