Dating trivia game

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Dating trivia game

In this round before the show, either the wives or the husbands gave some very weird facts about themselves.Host Kroeger gave the facts to the other halves of the couples, whom were equipped with heart-shaped signs that say "That's My Wife/Man!" If they recognized that fact, all they had to do was to raise the sign which then lit up and yell out "THAT'S MY WIFE/MAN!" If correct, they win 10 points for their team, but if wrong they lose 10 points for the team.When Gary Kroeger took over in Fall 1996 the show was overhauled with a new format.

Prior to the show, each of the day's couples predicted what their final total score would be.In the 80's, The titles were also known as The New Newlywed Game and The Newlywed Game Starring Paul Rodriguez respectively.Four newlyweds (sometimes three) all of whom were married under two years competed each day, and the game was played in two rounds.Whenever a tie occurred, the tied couples showed their predictions and the couple who was the closest without going over the actual final total won the game.If all of the tied couples' predictions exceed their final total, then the couple who was the closest was declared the winners.

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First the husbands tapes were shown & the wives took a guess, then it went the opposite direction.