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As 2016 approached, Romeo broke off with his white girlfriend Toneata Morgan, which faced racial issues and in an interview in January 2016 and he said, “I think that’s the cool thing I was able to show on this TV show at that time in my life is that love is colorless at the end of the day, and you can’t live for other people, I haven’t been in many relationships, but what I learned from that relationship is that you have to make sure you’re happy.” After his break up with Toneata Morgan, no other affairs have surfaced the media, so it can be speculated that he is either single or just trying to keep his love life out of the press's attention.

Multi-talented Romeo Miller appeared in his father, a rapper Master P Miller's family reality show, "Master P’s Family Empire" along with his siblings Cymphonique Miller, Hercy Miller, Veno Miller, Mercy Miller and also his other siblings are Young V., Inty Miller, Italy Miller.

But it looked like Romeo Beckham, 15, had picked up an interest in tennis, as he enjoyed day five of the NITTO ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena, London with his grandmother, Sandra West.

The second eldest child of David and Victoria Beckham proved to be in great company as he discussed the matching unfolding in-front of him with Sandra.

Caption: Romeo Miller posing for the photo along with his family.

Moreover, Romeo Miller has also started a hashtag campaign of 3 praise hand emojis to spread positivity around the globe and to help many future little doctors, lawyers, superstars, teachers, presidents, etc, etc., reach their goals and shared the same via an Instagram post.

Surprise your fam and friends and favorite Instagram accounts by leaving a comment of kindness using #???????????? It will mean you're saying “thanks for being a positive influence”. And all his fans hope that Romeo Miller soon starts a family of his own with his kids to shower his love upon!

His dad is well known for his footballing endeavours.

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