From abusive household to dating violence

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Understanding the complex interaction of attitudes, motives and situational factors underlying offender behaviour is helpful in developing effective prevention strategies.

This summary paper focuses on the issue of domestic violence.In contrast, some research has found the rates of violence perpetrated by men and women against their partners to be of similar size (Headey, Scott & de Vaus 1999).That domestic violence is committed equally by males and females is a view shared by some sections of the community, particularly males.Domestic violence occurs in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships and includes married, de facto and separated adolescents and adults (Flood & Fergus 2008).Domestic violence is also commonly referred to as relationship violence, intimate partner violence and gender-based violence.

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Domestic violence incurs significant social, emotional and economic costs to victims, their families and the broader community (Laing & Bobic 2002).

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